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Arvand Diving Centre offers:
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private lessons,private dives,and much more.

It is about friendships, once-in-a-lifetime
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Join us, put on a mask and snorkel and marvel
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and look at the fish in their natural habitat.

Ways to Reduce
Air Consumption

Use a high-performance regulator.

Better regulators minimize the work of breathing. They minimize the amount of air you burn just getting air.

Maintain your regulator.

They lose performance and increase work of breathing with use and age, and need regular maintenance.

Readjust your regulator.

On many regulators, the purpose of the adjustment knob is not merely to prevent free-flowing on the surface. It's also to minimize work of breathing at depth. Periodically during your dive, open the valve until the regulator just begins to bubble, then back up on the adjustment a bit.

Scuba Diving
Tips for Beginners

Invest in Good Gear.

Your gear is your key to surviving the depths. Don’t skimp on it, but rather splurge on a good quality regulator, BCD, computer, mask, fins, etc., that you can rely upon.

Dive within Your Skills.

Know your skill level and only do dives that will push the limits of your skills a little at a time.

Know Your Fish.

Learn to identify fish species and the types of other animal and plant life, etc. you will encounter.

3 Tips
for an Out-of-Air Ascent


Easier said than done, but many "out-of-air" emergencies are really cases of anxiety causing the diver to overbreathe the regulator. Slow your breathing, and you may find you have plenty of air after all.

Keep your reg in your mouth.

You may be totally out of air at depth, but keep trying to breathe. As you ascend and ambient pressure falls, more air will probably become available from your

Exhale slowly.

The air in your lungs expands as you ascend, and it's not uncommon to exhale all the way up and reach the surface feeling you have more air in your lungs than when you began the ascent.

Joseph Fisher

CEO at Arvand Diving Center

’Deep’ and ‘Underwater Navigation’ are the two essential specialty dives you need under your belt to become an Advanced Open Water Diver, but we add a third one – Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB), which is about getting your buoyancy right. It’s the number one environmental skill that you can apply while diving in terms of bashing into things and getting too close to the corals and not knowing how to get out.

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What our clients saying about us

They even took the time to fill inn absolutely all the knowledge gaps we had and really hammered inn good routines right away. Something I find very important for safety reasons, and staying comfortable at all times.

Lola Bird

Excellent communication, always on time and friendly approach. They made everything easy, highly recommended!!!

Sebastian Page

Great organisation and planning, amazing and warm dive guides. Highly recommend and wouldn’t dive with anyone else.

Declan Murray

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